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Clever Creations Events London
Clever Creations Events organise quality markets and fairs throughout London. From regualr food markets to one-off annual speciality events, we give quality small businesses the opportunity to sell directly to the public, test market their newest products, and promote their online presence. All this, while simultaneously offering Londoners a unique variety of 'clever creations' to buy from some of the most talented entreprenuers in the UK.

We all know that online shopping is increasing every year. However, tasting a freshly made chocolate truffle from The Chocolatier, smelling those handmade candles from Beauty Scents and touching that baby soft alpaca throws and fleece from Alpaca Guapa can only be experienced at a real live event such as on of our markets and fairs. Not to mention the ability to meet the designer maker of the products you're buying.


After a successful 2016, introducing new markets and events to new locations in London, we are now currently organising our 2017 and 2018 London markets and events. This year will see the introduction of some brand new regular markets, new public and private Christmas events and a few one-off specialty annual events. All this alongside our established annual Christmas markets and fairs.

2018 will see the (long overdue and highly anticipated) inagrual launch of the London Chocolate Fair as well as the inagrual launch of the London Fashion Fair. Follow our Social Media pages to keep up to date of what London events we're organising for 2018 and beyond...

want to trade at one of our events
Do you have a high quality product that you wish to sell directly to the shopping public?
Do you have a brand new small business that you want to launch so that you can test the market, meet your potential customers face to face, gain valuable feedback and also sell your products simultaniously?

If you are interested in trading at any of our upcoming events, please visit our Traders Page.